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PITPrincipal, Interest & Taxes
PITProgrammable Interval Timer
PITProgressive Income Tax(ation)
PITProgrammable Interrupt Timer
PITProcess Improvement Team
PITPursuit Intervention Technique (police high-speed pursuit tactic)
PITIndependence and Labor Party (Senegal)
PITPulsed Inductive Thruster
PITPavlovian Instrumental Transfer (psychology)
PITParti Ivorien des Travailleurs (French: Ivorian Worker's Party, Ivory Coast)
PITPermit Improvement Team (EPA)
PITPartners in Transformation
PITPotential Impacts Table
PITPressure Indicating Transmitter
PITProduct Integration Team
PITProject Integration Team
PITPepperdine Improv Troupe (Pepperdine University, California)
PITProhibited Items Test
PITPlatform Information Technology
PITProcessor Interface Table
PITPanyapiwat Institute of Technology (Thailand)
PITPassive Injectable Transponders
PITPolicy Implementation Tools
PITPreintegrated Truss
PITPittsburgh, PA, USA - Greater Pit International Airport (Airport Code)
PITPilot Induced Turbulence
PITPhotometric Imaging Telescope
PITPersonal Inventory Taking
PITProgressive Intensity Training (fitness)
PITPost Implementation Team
PITProduct Improvement Tests
PITProduct Insertion Trip
PITPersimmon IT, Inc.
PITPercussion In Training
PITPart-Time/Intermittent/Temporary Employee
PITPassive Integrated Transponder
PITPersonal Income Tax
PITPulling It Together
PITPolska Izba Turystyki (Polish: Polish Chamber of Tourism)
PITProgetti Integrati Territoriali (Italian: Integrated Territorial Projects)
PITPressure Integrity Test
PITPilot Instructor Training
PITPost Installation Test
PITPrecision Immobilization Technique (police high-speed pursuit tactic)
PITProgrammer Integration Testing
PITPeriodic Interrupt Timer
PITPerformance Improvement Training (various organizations)
PITPituitary-Specific Transcription
PITPennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy
PITPowered Industrial Truck
PITPerception and Interactive Technologies (workshop)
PITPrevention, Intervention and Treatment (various locations)
PITPennsylvania Institute of Technology (Media, Pennsylvania)
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Sniffing suspiciously, he circled the edge of the pit.
He lived over his visit with Tantor; he cogitated upon the digging blacks and the strange, covered pit they had left behind them.
And now he perceived on one side of the pit a hole large enough to admit a person if he stooped and squeezed himself into a small compass.
At that he stood irresolute for a moment, then turned, scrambled out of the pit, and set off running wildly into Woking.
When we reached the edge of the pit I saw that it was very deep, and presently I realized I was soon to judge just how far it extended below the surface of the court, for he who held the rope passed it about my body in such a way that it could be released from above at any time; and then, as all the warriors grasped it, he pushed me forward, and I fell into the yawning abyss.
As these were made, they were hung upon an arm of the pitman who had last come up, with instructions how to use them: and as he stood, shown by the light he carried, leaning his powerful loose hand upon one of the poles, and sometimes glancing down the pit, and sometimes glancing round upon the people, he was not the least conspicuous figure in the scene.
The soldiers dragged it awkwardly from the post and began pushing it into the pit.
The ordinary lion pit with which Tarzan was familiar had stakes imbedded in the bottom, upon whose sharpened points the hapless lion would be impaled, but this pit was not so made.
Just before we came to Joseph's Pit, we had "raised" a hill, and there, a few miles before us, with not a tree or a shrub to interrupt the view, lay a vision which millions of worshipers in the far lands of the earth would give half their possessions to see--the sacred Sea of Galilee!
Many a burst of applause from the pit that night started from the soft, comfortable patting of the black-gloved hands.
As nearly as I could estimate, I had at this time been in the pits for three hundred days.
U-Dor, dispatch those who will search the palace, the pits, and the city, and return the fugitives to their cells.