PITEPanglao Island Tourism Estate (Bohol, Philippines)
PITEPlug-In Technologies Example (US DoD)
PITEPeripheral In-Continuity Tissue Examination (tumor removal procedure)
PITEProvincial Institute for Teacher Education (est. 1996; Pakistan)
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She was a commoner, and had been sent here on her bridal night by Sir Breuse Sance Pite, a neighboring lord whose vassal her father was, and to which said lord she had refused what has since been called le droit du seigneur, and, moreover, had opposed violence to violence and spilt half a gill of his almost sacred blood.
Not that she felt any personal interest in the matter, but she thought it dis- respectful to Sir Breuse Sance Pite.
An academic calendar for these trainings has also been developed by the PITE.
Whereas, all constituent teacher education institutes as well as PITE shall work under the administrative control of education and literacy department.
Common men the country are interested in ghise pite issues ( like Ram temple).
In pite of baring her body insistently onstage, Rihanna went for an oversized T-shirt, but teased onlookers with her feminine curves through the mesh gaps of the navy top.
who ed pite me p HM nh ncy hat of He said: "Although the technical conditions were met, in the round was decided that the person had n left the UK either permanently or indefinitely by making a distinct break with it.
Goals pite nt The firm, who run 43 UK sites, made pounds 4.
r Pickles said they could id cutting services, pite a dramatic cut in vernment funding, by tting back office costs.
Des pite its age the Ka has attracted 25,427 buyers here sd far this year, almost 10,000 more than its nearest competitor.
This domestic detail marks this biography off from that of another recent biographer, Ralph Pite, who gives a less personal account.