PITFPublic Interest Transportation Forum (Washington)
PITFProfessional Issues Task Force (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)
PITFPersonal Insolvency Task Force (Canada)
PITFPunch In The Face
PITFProgram Implementation Task Force
PITFPayload Integrated Test Facility (aerospace)
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The most powerful indicator in the PITF modeling effort has come to be identified as a crisis in governance which we have termed "factionalism" (after the Polity TV s indicator value, PARCOMP=3 "factional," from which it is derived; this condition is similar to the concept of polarization common in sociological studies of conflict).
The most advanced predictive models have been developed by the PITF (formerly known as the State Failure Task Force) that regularly advises the US government on issues of instability in developing countries.
The PITF profiled cases of instability within a short-term horizon from two years prior to the onset of instability.
23) Partial amendments to Practical Solution December 26, 2008 on Unification of Accounting Policies Applied to Foreign Subsidiaries for Consolidated Financial Statements (ASBJ PITF No.
In another patient, a sprain of the PITF ligament is well illustrated (Figure 9).
However, the PITF recommends auditors take these additional steps in deciding whether to perform a reaudit: