PITLPush It to The Limit
PITLProgramming in the Large
PITLPersonal Income Tax Law
PITLPropositional Interval Temporal Logic
PITLPilot in the Loop
PITLpublic interest through litigation
PITLPast Inquirer Test List
PITLPacific Island Transport Line
PITLProgram for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning
PITLPersaudaraan Insan Tani Lampung
PITLphoto-induced intrinsic thermoluminescence
PITLPerson in the Loop
PITLPartnerships in Teaching and Learning
PITLPost-Irradiation Testing Laboratory
PITLPlug in to Learning
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The CSP has hence requested the government to as a matter of priority ensure amendment of the PITL to stop any future losses.
Combined with the revenue lost in the EO Group-Tullow transaction, Ghana is losing approximately US$67million for lack of action on the PITL Amendment bill.
It added : 'We make these demands aware that, in so far as the PITL is referred to in the petroleum agreements of the companies, the repeal of the Act may trigger agitation for re-negotiation of aspects of the petroleum agreements of some companies -- but that is likely to be a small price we will pay compared to how much we have already lost in potential revenue, and how much we stand to lose in future transactions if the status quo is maintained.