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PITM is a web-hosted integrated business intelligence platform that targets key constraints through the entire lifecycle of the flight, to optimize fuel costs and emissions, schedule integrity, and the passenger experience.
As part of the ongoing investment in PITM, we announced the launch of the Airport Information Network - a new module to PITM where all stakeholders can coordinate information, situational awareness, and actions to manage congestion, diversions, and tarmac delays at the regional and national level.
PITM is designed to allow airlines and airports to increase the efficiency, predictability, safety, and cost effectiveness of their surface operations.
PITM is an integrated solution designed to increase the efficiency, predictability, safety, and cost effectiveness of airport/airline air and surface operations.
Mosaic's capabilities in the area of monitoring, predicting, and analyzing the movement of aircraft on airport runways and taxiways will augment the broad suite of PITM solutions.
PITM is a suite of software tools that currently include NetBIOS filtering, guaranteed Bandwidth Reservation, and the industry's most extensive protocol prioritization scheme.
PITM is a breakthrough in software technology that guarantees availability for mission-critical SNA traffic in networks mixing IBM and non-IBM traffic.
PITM allows users to control WAN bandwidth allocation from the central site through its guaranteed bandwidth reservation and extensive protocol prioritization system.