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PITOTPowered Industrial Truck Operator Training (standard; US OSHA)
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John, the Pitot House is the only Creole colonial country house that is open to the public in New Orleans.
Under these circumstances the measured duct relative roughness based on Pitot tube pressure loss data equaled 0.
His fault investigation yielded the possibility of malicious interference as the pitot tube appears to have been blocked with glue.
Afterwards working fluid with a certain kinetic energy is passed into Pitot tube 3 and through it into the central part of the impeller with the following pass into the external net.
The report did not say whether the pitot tubes or the temporary absence of Dubois from the cockpit had any impact on the quickly unfolding events.
The data also showed that ice crystals caused by the bad weather had clogged up the pitot tube, an instru-ment used to measure airspeed, the expert told Der Spiegel.
Automatic messages sent by the Airbus 330's computers showed it was receiving false air speed readings from sensors known as pitot tubes.
In the ensuing investigation, it was found that the plane's pitot tubes had iced over when the plane flew into a storm.
A series of automatic messages sent by the plane point to a malfunction of the external speed monitors, known as Pitot tubes, which some experts think may have iced over and given false speed readings to the Air France plane's computers as it ran into a turbulent thunderstorm.
Air France has now replaced the monitors, called Pitot tubes, on all its Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft.
However a spokeswoman for the Investigation and Analysis Bureau (BEA), which is in charge of the technical side of the inquiry into the June 1 crash, said: "There is as yet no link between the pitot and the causes of the accident.
Without key information from the Airbus 330's missing data recorders, investigators have focused on the possibility that external speed monitors - Pitot tubes - iced over and gave false readings to the plane's computers as it flew into thunderstorms.