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PIUSProcess Inherent Ultimate Safety
PIUSProtein Controlling Urease Synthesis (molecular biology)
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In the same address, Pius returns to reflecting upon that unity between personal and social virtue and the supernatural dimension of work that we observed above.
For the time being, the program is as opaque, and engaging, as Pius XIII himself.
Selected in March 1939, Eugenio Pacelli (who would take the name Pius XII) had previously headed the Holy See's diplomatic efforts as secretary of state--the appointment of an experienced diplomat (although Riebling prefers to bill him as an intelligence chief) with the prospect of the Second World War looming.
All of this might sound more than a little cynical, but O'Brien makes her case logically and persuasively, and while one might suspect that this is not the only perspective one should have on Pius and his papacy, it is certainly one that merits consideration.
CONTROVERSIAL After the War, SS General Karl Wolff stated he had been ordered on September 13, 1943, to kidnap Pius the following year.
Some Jews have accused Pius, who headed the Roman Catholic Church from 1939 to 1958, of failing to use his position to bring attention to the extermination of Jews.
Critique: A truly riveting read from first page to last, "A Pius Man" offers a suspense thriller replete with unexpected twists and surprising turns.
In his most comprehensive remarks to date on the controversy surrounding Pius, Francis confirmed that he intended to open up the Vatican archives for the wartime period but he did not say when that would happen.
Ventresca seeks to provide a balanced and comprehensive assessment of Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli).
Carl Speight of Morrisons serves up breakfast for the youngsters of St Pius Primary School in Middlesbrough ?
This study is the author's most recent contribution to what have been called the "Plus wars," the historiographical debate that concerns the stance of Pope Pius XII towards Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.
Pius XI is the only 20th century Pope who has not been nominated for beatification.