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PIVPersonal Identity Verification (FIPS 201)
PIVPentium 4
PIVParticle Image Velocimetry
PIVParainfluenza Virus
PIVPlena Ilustrita Vortaro (Esperanto: Full Illustrated Dictionary)
PIVPersonal Identification Verification
PIVProject in Vision
PIVPersonal Identity Verification
PIVPrivate Investment Vehicle (finance)
PIVPeak Inverse Voltage
PIVPeripheral IV
PIVPhase IV (clinical studies)
PIVPost Indicator Valve (firefighting)
PIVPhysical Inventory Verification
PIVPowered Industrial Vehicle
PIVProgestin Induced Virilization
PIVPositively Infinitely Variable (type of gearbox)
PIVPosition Indicating Valve
PIVpositive input ventilation
PIVPost Implementation Verification
PIVPropellant Isolation Valve
PIVPre-Inventory Visit
PIVPontoon Implantment Vehicle
PIVProduct Improvement Verification
PIVPressure-Indicating Valve
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Moreover, low-speed airflow measurement may be affected by the system error of the PIV system (Zhao et al.
To allow for the measurement of the third velocity component, a stereoscopic PIV arrangement is also used.
If we're not loading directly down the centerline axis of the bore, our off-axis pressure will combine with PIV to make our crosshairs hop off our point of aim.
Each PIV investigation include 30 pairs of high speed images with 250 us time step.
PIV catheter insertion is considered the second most invasive procedure for patients seeking medical care in a hospital or outpatient care setting (Trim, 2005).
While respiratory syncytial virus, PIV tyep 3 and influenza viruses are shown as agents most commonly in the first two years of life, it was found that adenoviruses were generally the agents between the ages of 2 and 5 years.
Q1: What are the dimensions and indicators of PIV variables to improve the C?
The nontransparent interior surfaces of the mold were steam treated to provide a uniform blue-black finish to improve the contrast of the PIV images.
Esto sugiere que hay un efecto positivo del IGF-1 sobre los embriones PIV bajo estres calorico que mejora la sobrevivencia postransferencia.
Unfortunately, even the best current LES modelling techniques do not provide reliable and accurate quantitative predictions in the complicated flow situations encountered here, so, the numerical simulations will be validated by an PIV experimental investigation method.
Other PIV methods--particle tracking velocimetry and tomographic PIV--add the third dimension but are restricted to very small measurement volumes--no more than 100[mm.