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PIVAPrinting Industries of Virginia (Ashland, VA)
PIVAPrimrose International Viola Archive (est. 1974)
PIVAProvinciaal Instituut Voedingsbedrijven Antwerpen (Dutch: Antwerp Provincial Food Institute; Belgium)
PIVAPositive Isothermal Vorticity Advection
PIVAPost Indicating Valve Assembly
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Anot mokslininku, verslo savininkai turetu labiau isnaudoti profesines zinias ir darbuotoju igudzius, kurdami savo internacionalizacijos strategija (Cerrato, Piva 2012).
Chief executive officer of Katara Hospitality, Hamad Abdulla al-Mulla said: "This is a wonderful endorsement of the unique work we are currently undertaking with our partners Studio Marco Piva to further enhance this iconic hotel in Milan.
Piva of RMIT University explained the development and use of the Immune Balance Rating (IBR) in formulating sunscreen products.
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See Van Reenen (1997), Piva and Vivarelli (2005), Harrison et al.
11,36-40) Piva et al (32) demonstrated good reliability for hip abduction strength (ICC 0.
HTC-Highroad sports director Valerio Piva said: "Italy's like a second home for Mark and he's always loved the race.
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A government commission, set up the following day by Chinchilla and headed by this country's First Vice President Alfio Piva to study the Sala's ruling, reported on July 27 that "the executive will wait for the ruling (of the Administrative Appeals Court) and will obey it with the most unquestionable respect.
Piva founded the Studiodada Associates, known among the industry as the design studio.