PIVCParieto-Insular Vestibular Cortex (physiology)
PIVCPrimrose International Viola Competition
PIVCPeripherally Inserted Venous Catheter (oncology)
PIVCPulsed Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy
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Reducing or omitting further oral doses under these circumstances, which cannot be done with PIVC, reduces the toxicity.
5] initially published data in 1986 supporting superior treatment outcomes and reduced side-effect profiles with the use of PIVC as opposed to DOC in patients with lupus nephritis.
Trials in antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)-associated vasculitides have also suggested equal to increased ability of PIVC to induce remission compared with DOC, but a greater tendency towards relapse.
Together, these results indicate that integration of activity between structures, including the PIVC, thalamus, higher-order visual areas, and hippocampus, subserves the perception of self-referent space and motion in a manner distinct from the oculomotor or other motor responses.
Additionally, the PIVC includes regions in the posterior insula that are associated with the experience of pain [51].
5 times higher than standard PIVCs, so their increased adoption will drive market revenue growth within the PIVC market.
As with PIVCs, safety Huber needles are currently most widely used in Germany and Spain.
Declining ASPs will be somewhat mitigated by the growing use of power-injectable CVCs, PICCs, and implantable ports; antimicrobial-coated CVCs and dialysis catheters; and safety PIVCs, all of which are priced at a premium.
Bard: Although Becton, Dickinson and Company only competes in the short PIVC market, this company holds significant market share due to the sheer size of this segment.
Figure 10-2: PIVC Market, Europe, 2006 - 2016 (US$) 263
Figure 10-3: PIVC Units Sold by Country, Europe, 2006 - 2016 .
This study aimed to identify the incidence of phlebitis and its risk factors in patients with PIVCs.