PIVKA-IIProthrombin Induced by Vitamin K Absence or Antagonist-II
PIVKA-IIProtein Induced Vitamin K Absence or Antagonist II
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26,66) A study on hemodialysis patients subjected to varying doses of mk-7 intake resulted in a decrease in serum dp-ucMGP, ucOC and PIVKA-II levels significantly in the group treated with 360 microgram/day, but not at lower doses.
Effect of oral water soluble vitamin K on PIVKA-II levels in newborns.
Calibrated Automated Thrombogram (Hemker method for Thrombin Generation), Staclot[R] Vlla-rTF, Liatest[R] Immunoturbidimetric assays for Fibrin Monomer, C4b-BR Stachrom[R] chromogenic assays for Heparin Cofactor II and PAI-1, Asserachrom[R] ELISA assays for Protein Z, Soluble GPV, FVIhAg, F X: Ag, PAI-1, APA Ig G, M, (32-GP1 IgG IgM, Total and Free TFPI, sEPCR, Thrombomodulin, FVIILAg, PIVKA-II, and a complete offering of Biocytex products for flow cytometry including VASP/P2Y12, Cellquant PNH, and Redquant PNH