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PIWPetroleum Intelligence Weekly (magazine)
PIWPeriod of Incapacity for Work (human resources management)
PIWPublic Interest Watch (Washington, DC)
PIWPerson In Water
PIWPsychiatric Institute of Washington
PIWProperty Inspection Waiver (mortgage loans)
PIWPrescribed Industrial Waste (US EPA)
PIWPounds Per Inch of Width
PIWPikwitonei, Manitoba, Canada (Airport Code)
PIWPublicly Indexable Web (Internet)
PIWPartnership in Wildlife (Nevada Department of Wildlife)
PIWParalegal Institute of Washington, DC
PIWProject Initiation Workshop
PIWPost Industrial Waste
PIWPhotoCD Imaging Workstation
PIWPatent Images on the Web
PIWPanel of Inventors Worldwide
PIWParent Is Watching
PIWPounds per Square Inch Width
PIWParental Involvement Worker
PIWPanstwowy Instytut Wydawniczy (Polish: Oxford University Press)
PIWPoetry International Web (est. 2002)
PIWPut in Work
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2,3) PIW and PCW PA6 are usually obtained by mechanical recycling, which involves separation, grinding, re-melting, and processing of waste streams.
The company has achieved the top spot in the PIW rankings for 22 consecutive years, according to a report carried by Saudi Aramco web-site.
They plan to hire Edward full-time when the PIW program ends.
It also happens that the PIW ranked PEMEX 77th among 77 companies in financial viability because of its poor net earnings," said Shields.
76mm), with working strengths from 20 to 200 PIW (pounds per inch of belt width).
Jordan (New York: Kosciuszko Foundation, 1973) [hereafter I refer to the Polish version: Panstwo bez stosow (Warszawa: PIW, 1967)]; Poland as the Rampart of Christian Europe: Myths and Historical Reality (Warszawa: Interpress, 1983); "Polish Defenders of Political and Religious Peace in the 16th and 17th Centuries," Dialectics and Humanism 9 (1982): 257-276.
During his tenure as president of PIW, he spearheaded the company's expansion and later merger with the Oil Daily Company.
The PIW Top 50 rankings compare petroleum-industry majors, independents and national oil companies based operational size, rather than market cap or other financial measures, to provide a holistic view of the industry landscape.
But demand simply has not kept up with the volume of gas flowing into the pipeline grid, creating an imbalance that could last for at least another year," PIW suggested in its November 2 issue.
PDO also seems keen to manage expectations regarding reserve replacement -- publicly, it says it is aiming for a reserves-replacement ratio of 100 per cent, but PIW understands that internally a more optimistic forecast of 109 per cent is in place.