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PIZZAZPeople Interested in Zippy and Zany Zcribbling (creative writing group)
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Healthy, quick and easy to prepare and economical, it lends pizzaz to a variety of dishes and the basic recipe has spawned countless variations using other herbs, each providing its distinct flavour and texture to this versatile sauce.
The public may originally undervalue the technical expertise brought to libraries by nonlibrarian and librarian professionals, although the pizzaz --e.
For anyone who has reason to make presentation quality graphs from their spreadsheet, this package provides that quality needed to make overheads with pizzaz or graphs to satisfy the rigid standards of the more prestigious technical journals.
This fun and bubbly hue is the perfect way to add some pizzaz to your ensemble with a bright burst of color.
His tyrannical chief, Pizzaz Miller (Elizabeth Banks), won't get off his back, and hotshot rookie Rad Cunningham (Will Forte) is dying to see him fail.
The idea is to offer a bit of pizzaz without the price and running costs of the 267bhp superhot MPS model.
Designers of the mascots for 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, Meomi presents its educational message with incredible visual pizzaz and punch.
In a series narrated by acclaimed actor Neil Pearson, we follow Joan as she tries to bring her own sense of pizzaz to a family in Plymouth in episode one, giving three generations a Joan make-over.
Don't be distracted by some women's biathlon relay final that might seem to have more pizzaz than these two Euro-heavy semifinal matches.
The US-based company putting the pizzaz into pizza home deliveries this side of the Atlantic plans cooking up more than 400 jobs in the Midlands.
LIAM FOX is one of the few leading Tories possessing pizzaz, with the reputation of a ladykiller and Labour slayer.