PJACPhiladelphia Jewish Archives Center (Pennsylvania)
PJACPrisoners Justice Action Committee (Canada)
PJACPinellas Juvenile Assessment Center (Florida)
PJACPulse Jet Air Cleaner (trademark of Donaldson Company, Inc.)
PJACPhilippine-Japan Active Carbon Corporation (est. 1972)
PJACPittsburgh Japanese Animation Club (University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA)
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Donaldson's PJAC self-cleaning capability represents a breakthrough in mobile filtration technology that will significantly enhance the mission capability of Abrams and Crusader vehicles operating in dusty environments," said Gary Gillingham, director, Defense Engineering, Donaldson Company.
The PJAC engine filtration system automatically back-flushes the filters, scouring contaminants away from the filter and discarding the debris.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Iranian problems with its opposition cannot be solved by escalating bombardment of empty areas of the PJAC opposition which is "rejected," Kurdish Alliance MP Mu'aiyd Tayib said today.