PJCISParliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (Australia)
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The PJCIS 2007 Report language on the question of procedural reform
process with an advisory panel, the PJCIS stated firmly that the
These conclusive statements led to the PJCIS recommendation that
This approach by the PJCIS of its inquiry process, its
by the PJCIS of the obligation to take account of the Sheller
Division 102 of the Criminal Code) of the PJCIS 2007 Report (155) means
The Government responses to PJCIS Review of Security and Counter
principle, (163) than did Government responses to the PJCIS 2007 Report.
164) The PJCIS 2006 Report (165) confirms a more direct influence of
Act 2002 requires the PJCIS to take into account the Sheller
duplication, the PJCIS decided to focus attention on the
was some acceptance of the PJCIS recommendations, as well as the