PJCSPeace Justice and Conflict Studies
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From my perspective as a Jewish pro-Palestinian activist in Urbana-Champaign, I have observed two primary developments: first, the establishment of a privately-funded Program for Jewish Culture and Society two decades ago and its attendant moral emphasis on the Holocaust and Jewish victimization in general; second, the use of PJCS as an institutional and moral umbrella for an Israel Lobby-funded and baldly propagandistic "Israel Studies Project," which has moreover been clearly racist in its exclusion of Palestinian Israelis from its purview.
Blatant conflicts of interest regarding PJCS in relation to the Israel Lobby were obvious from the start, and dovetail with Governor Quinn's junket.
The alliance between our two leading financial institutions in the UAE is another important step towards becoming everyone's favorite place to save and invest," said Khalifa Al Daboos, Chairman of National Bonds Corporation PJCS.