PJDParti de la Justice et du Développement (French: Justice and Development Party, Morocco)
PJDPhotojournalism Division (Photographic Society of America)
PJDPrisoners' Justice Day (Canada)
PJDPapers of Jefferson Davis (documentary editing project; Rice University; Houston, TX)
PJDPancreatic Juice Diversion
PJDPsychological Job Demand (behavior)
PJDPubertal Juvenile Dyspituitarism (adolescent obesity)
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The communal results in particular show the Islamist PJD dominating the majority of urban centers and the secular PAM dominating the countryside.
While the PJD holds traditionalist views that may conflict with leftist, centrist, and even other right-wing parties' views, this difference in ideology is exactly what strengthens Morocco's political plurality and paves the path for the continuation of its move towards democracy.
PJD has done something else that made it more acceptable to skeptical voters and neighboring governments.
Since our last update, there is positive progress on the new coalition and fiscal reforms: the PJD led government has raised fuel prices for the second time since coming to office, and press reports suggest that a cabinet 'reshuffle' may be in the offing, resulting in the inclusion of the RNI into the Benkerane administration.
Le secretaire general du PJD a, a cette occasion, presente un expose sur les evolutions politiques a l'echelle nationale, notamment les negociations en cours pour la constitution d'un nouvel executif, ajoute le communique.
The winner of the new PJD bike will be announced publicly at a World TB Day event to take place in New York on March 24, 2014.
Khalfi, who is also government spokesman, retorted that it was normal for incumbent parties to lose some popularity and that the PJD had backed the monarchy even when in opposition.
Crise gouvernementale: La bataille s'intensifie entre le PJD et le parti de l'Istiqlal apres le retour du Roi de son voyage a l'etranger.
It worth mentioning that the PJD had previously leveled criticism over the high rate of absenteeism in the opposition ranks during parliamentary sessions.
Riding the Islamic wave across the region, the Islamist PJD is considered an election favorite.
Though his move is welcomed by mainstream MPs, the Justice & Development Party - PJD - grouping the main Islamist movement represented in parliament, refrains from immediate comment.
For the six months ended December 31, 2003 and the fiscal year ended June 30, 2003, the Company recognized pre-tax earnings of $240,000 and $414,000, respectively, from its investment in PJD.