PJHQPermanent Joint Headquarters (UK)
PJHQPatient Judgment of Hospital Quality (questionnaire)
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This discussion covered the high number of operations being conducted by UK forces, with coalition partners, around the globe, and the significant range of contingency plans that are maintained by PJHQ.
The Defence Secretary also met PJHQ staff in the Operations Control Room, hearing from planners about how they ensure that the UK Armed Forces are readied for operations, and from operators on how events are managed on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis.
Commanding at the operational level, PJHQ is responsible for directing, deploying, sustaining, and recovering forces on operations.
13) It stated that PJHQ had confirmed that it may be essential for the JFHQ to deploy with a complete JFACHQ and that the JFACHQ should mirror the JFHQ's availability and readiness at R1.
The A5 Division was called to support the strategic estimate at PJHQ on 5 May and an air estimate undertaken on 7 May.
The relationship between the single service supporting commands and PJHQ is reportedly very good.
The Defence Cost Study recommended establishment of PJHQ to permit "a proper, clear, and unambiguous connection between [government] policy and strategic functions and the conduct of operations at the operational level to be achieved.
PJHQ continued to be their operational headquarters, and yet the war in Iraq was run from Baghdad not Northwood, and responded to Washington not London.
In doing so neither paid much attention to the report submitted on 28 November 2005 by a Royal Marine, Gordon Messenger, who had been sent to Helmand by PJHQ, and Mark Etherington, a former Parachute Regiment officer who had previous experience in the Balkans and had been employed by the Foreign Office as a governor in Iraq.
In terms of linkages between the deployed commander and the United Kingdom, the NCC worked through the CJO to the Defence Staff, with the CJO and the PJHQ acting as a buffer between London and the NCC in-theatre, allowing the NCC to concentrate on coalition military issues and his relationships with the US military and his national environmental contingent commanders.
Air Marshal Glenn Torpy, UK air contingent commander: "What was different was that we were given greater delegation on this occasion because we knew that the tempo of the operation would demand decisions to be taken quickly and I could not go right the way back through the process, back to the PJHQ and MOD, which we could do when we had the luxury of time for our southern no-fly zone operations.
Provision of world-wide Port Agency Services on demand to the Authority~s seagoing and associated Units operating both outside of UK territorial waters and in UK commercial ports and the provision of maritime logistical support services, to include support to PJHQ where necessary.