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PJIProsthetic Joint Infection
PJIPacific Justice Institute (Sacramento, CA)
PJIPattern Jury Instructions
PJIParachute Jumping Instructor
PJIPrejudgement Interest (civil litigation)
PJIPolyposis, Juvenile Intestinal
PJIProper Job Instruction
PJIPacific Jetting International, Inc.
PJIPhase Jump Inhibiter (Sins of a Solar Empire video game)
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22) Furthermore, an elevated ASA grade has been shown to increase the rate of infectious complications after orthopedic surgeries, including PJI following THA and TKA and spinal surgeries.
With improved screening, we can take appropriate action to optimize our patients and modify patient risk factors as well as appropriately administer prophylaxis against PJI.
PJI accounts for 25% of failed knee arthroplasties and 15% of failed hip arthroplasties.
The current standard of care to treat PJI "salvage therapy failures" is a costly two-step surgical process involving prosthetic joint removal, debridement, and replacement with a new joint.
Antibiotic-loaded acrylic bone cement spacers are routinely used in the treatment of PJI.
117) In response to the bill, California conservative advocacy group PJI filed a lawsuit opposing the ban because of its constitutional implications.
the rights of parents, which are invoked in both PJI and the Liberty
Now, "Venice Code Enforcement officials are using the listing of the residence as the ministry's address to build a case against the Roessigers," explained PJI.
Origin of referrals 2005 2006 2007 First Youth Court 1% 2% 1% Second Youth Court 0 2% 0 Third Youth Court 82% 17% 16% PJI 3% 75% 81% Public Prosecutor 0 3% 1% Without information 14% 1% 1% Source: Centre for Research in Ethics and Human Rights.
Abra, 509,300-214,100 CR-103 Andesita porfiritica Base de perforacion 4, PJI.
Singapore, Apr 8, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and PJI Contract Pte Ltd announced today the opening of a production facility to manufacture Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) solution, an eco-friendly nano-coating materials, by Dr Raj Thampuran, Executive Director, Science and Engineering Research Council, A*STAR, in Woodlands.
113) PJI 2:36 addresses mere negligence and fault from which the liability determination is later fully and finally set forth by the court in the judgment that follows.