PJRTParson Jack Russell Terrier
PJRTPermanent Junctional Reciprocating Tachycardia
PJRTPermanent Junctional Reentrant Tachycardia
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Doctors discovered that Martha had a condition called PJRT SVT - which is like an electrical short circuit in her heart, 32 weeks into Michelle's pregnancy.
Hastamizin SVT esnasindaki EKG'si ve EFC bulgulari PJRT ile uyumlu degildi, ayrica SVT'nin surekliligine yol acabilecek, enfeksiyon, ates, ilac alimi veya trotoksikoz da saptanmadi.
Doctors told life coach Michelle, 40, and husband Rick, 39, that Martha had a complex condition known as PJRT SVT, essentially an electrical short circuit in her heart, after a midwife spotted something wrong in a routine check.