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PJSPetaling Jaya, Selangor (Malaysian city and district)
PJSPeutz-Jeghers Syndrome
PJSPhoenix Japanimation Society
PJSPublic Joint Stock Company
PJSPrivate Joint Stock Company
PJSPittsburgh Japanese School (Pittsburgh, PA)
PJSPortland Japanese School (Portland, OR)
PJSPenang Japanese School (Penang, Malaysia)
PJSProject Jump Start (University of Maryland)
PJSPencoed Junior School (Wales)
PJSPentagon Joint Staff
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I guess what you need to explain to your hubby is, that despite telling him you hate his PJs, he's continuing to wear them, which makes you think he doesn't care whether you fancy him or not.
PJS is inherited, autosomal dominant disorder with an incidence from 1:25,000 to 1:280,000.
Marc Webb My friend stopped wearing pjs after heading for the school run the other day and getting into an accident.
Emma Morris: I've done the school run, on occasion in my PJs.
Controlled chaos ensued as the Guardian Centers staff created a Hurricane Katrina-like flood scenario calling for two HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters to circle overhead and lower PJs down to rooftops below to extract victims and cut open roofs to save those inside the flooded building.
Paul Frank onesie ENCOURAGE toddlers into bed with a new pair of PJs.
We urge all working Palestinian journalists to unite around the PJS and to stand as one in a message of solidarity and support," he said in a statement.
Dubai ruler has issued a law converting Dubai Aluminium ( Dubal ) into a private joint stocks company under a Dubai Aluminium PJS with a declared capital of Dh3 billion ($817 million).
Article (6) of that law stated that Dubai Aluminium PJS subrogates Dubai Aluminium in all legal and business obligations and rights starting from the date of effective of this law, and the employees of Dubai Aluminium shall benefit from their vested right.
But family friend Amber McCleary, 18, studying forensic psychology at Portsmouth University put her A level science to use and approached inventor Paula Ward to come up with the copper PJs.
All the staff wear PJs too and it's a good laugh for all the staff to see the boss Sergio in his chequered PJs.
Tanks with PJS will have a control unit next to the hydraulic reservoir inside the center hull compartment.