PLAAFPeople's Liberation Army Air Force (China)
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9, 2013 PLAAF Y-8 reconnaissance plane and two J-10 fighter jets approach the Diaoyu/ Senkaku islands Jan.
80) One RAND study estimated that about 60 to 200 Chinese short-range ballistic missiles could neutralize most of Taiwan's fighter bases, and additional missiles could effectively suppress Taiwanese air defense operations, allowing employment of PLAAF strike aircraft.
tactical radar support by the 42 Radar Regiment of the PLAAF, which
On a positive note for the PRC, the 1950s ended with the KMT air force no longer operating at will over Fujian and Guangdong Provinces, due to a permanent presence of PLAAF and PLAN aviation along China's eastern and southern coastlines.
The PLAAF is also acquiring unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and
By the end of the decade the PLAAF [People's Liberation Army Air Force] may be taking delivery of Chinese-built first 5th-generation fighters expected to outclass the F-16.
The development of new transports would allow the PLAAF to become less dependent on foreign suppliers, and would also speed up its modernization.
He used recently declassified Chinese and Soviet military documents and also interviewed a number of PLAAF veterans.
The military deficiency exposed by the invasion prompted Deng to launch a PLAAF reform program.
The first two Chinese taikonauts are active-duty PLAAF fighter pilots trained in Russia.
PLAAF contingent participated in "Shaheen-V" which was conducted in Pakistan last year.
PLAAF contingent participated in 'Shaheen-V' which was conducted in Pakistan last year.