PLAFPluggable Look and Feel (Java Programming)
PLAFPluggable Look and Feel
PLAFPeople's Liberation Armed Forces (Viet Nam)
PLAFPapillary Lesions with Atypical Features (cytopathology)
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The only exception was at values of the PLAF below 0.
Rather than having a fit where the fractional power continually decreased with decreasing fractional flow, the curve began to assume a very shallow slope at a PLAF of about 0.
The PLPF versus PLAF curve shown in Figure 7 was generated with the power and airflows normalized to their respective values at the maximum settings of the ECMs.
3]/s), the PLAF at a partial airflow value was calculated, then used to determine the PLPF.
Table 12 shows the PLAF, the power, and the power/airflow for the base unit (ECM-333A11) and the three alternative ECM units.
With the PLAF known, it can be substituted into Equation 7 to calculate the expected part-load power fraction, [f.
The PLAF heard the noise as these units moved into position.
ARVN had been ineffective throughout and PLAF soldiers had fought valiantly before dispersing to fight again elsewhere another day.