PLAMPrice Level Adjusted Mortgage (finance)
PLAMPlastic Laminate
PLAMPatient Locator and Minder (brain injury)
PLAMPorcine Lung Alveolar Macrophages (cells)
PLAMPolymer Local Anesthetic Matrix Devices (anesthesia)
PLAMPeople's Liberation Army of Malawi
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Table 4 represents a punctuation PLAM for a student in Year 3 or 4.
PLAMs that explicate the criteria of a task, but are completed by journal entry evidence
PLAMs that are constructed by students and teachers in relation to a task or process being developed, and students self-assess themselves
For the young, PLAMs address important problems associated with both the conventional fixed-rate and the standard adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) designs.
PLAMs set a monthly payment that is fixed in real terms.
Curious about why a man with tender plams would surrender his golfing time and perhaps risk a disc working on such a project, I called Exxon chemical engineer John T.