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PLAPPedro Luis e a Parede (Brazilian rock band)
PLAPPlacental-Like Alkaline Phosphatase
PLAPProvincial Learning Assessment Program (Canada)
PLAPProposed Local Area Plan (Ireland)
PLAPPlatelet to Leukocyte Adhesion Phenomena (hematology)
PLAPPrison Legal Assistance Project (Massachusetts)
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Contrary to the usual positive PLAP staining expected in Dysgerminoma, the positivity was a mere 44.
It is from the principles of assimilation, accommodation and equilibration put forward by Piaget that PLAP comes into being.
Biologic markers, including AFP, HCG, PLAP, and lactate dehydrogenase (LD) are valuable in continued follow up of the patient.
In our case there was positivity for PLAP, EMA and Cytokeratin but AFP was negative although the serum levels were raised.
Expression of PLAP, OCT3/4, and SALL4 in EC is shared with dysgerminoma.
in epidermoid cyst Atypical germ OCT3/4, PLAP, CD117, [SCF.
Selected immunohistochemical markers can also be helpful to distinguish the different germ cell-tumor elements: dysgerminomas reveal immunohistochemical expression of PLAP, OCT3/4 and c-kit; embryonal carcinomas show positivity for CD30, PLAP, a-fetoprotein, keratin, and human chorionic gonadotropin; yolk sac tumors are immunoreactive for a-fetoprotein, PLAP, alkaline phosphatase, and keratins; and choriocarcinomas show expression of human chorionic gonadotropin, cytokeratin, PLAP, and human placental lactogen.
In these 2 studies, the main finding is not only that OCT4 is a highly sensitive and specific marker of ovarian dysgerminoma, and testicular seminoma and embryonal carcinoma, respectively, but also that the OCT4 staining pattern was nuclear (in contrast to PLAP and c-Kit, which show characteristically cell membrane staining), with uniformly strong staining intensity and staining extent of greater than 90%.
Laboratory tests Serum PLAP can be Serum AFP is elevated.
Lichtenstein's PLAPS index measures the distance between the pleural line and the lung line at the posterolateral point.