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PLAPPedro Luis e a Parede (Brazilian rock band)
PLAPPlacental-Like Alkaline Phosphatase
PLAPProvincial Learning Assessment Program (Canada)
PLAPProposed Local Area Plan (Ireland)
PLAPPlatelet to Leukocyte Adhesion Phenomena (hematology)
PLAPPrison Legal Assistance Project (Massachusetts)
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There is no charge for participating in PLAP, nor is there a public access requirement.
Selected immunohistochemical markers can also be helpful to distinguish the different germ cell-tumor elements: dysgerminomas reveal immunohistochemical expression of PLAP, OCT3/4 and c-kit; embryonal carcinomas show positivity for CD30, PLAP, a-fetoprotein, keratin, and human chorionic gonadotropin; yolk sac tumors are immunoreactive for a-fetoprotein, PLAP, alkaline phosphatase, and keratins; and choriocarcinomas show expression of human chorionic gonadotropin, cytokeratin, PLAP, and human placental lactogen.
In these 2 studies, the main finding is not only that OCT4 is a highly sensitive and specific marker of ovarian dysgerminoma, and testicular seminoma and embryonal carcinoma, respectively, but also that the OCT4 staining pattern was nuclear (in contrast to PLAP and c-Kit, which show characteristically cell membrane staining), with uniformly strong staining intensity and staining extent of greater than 90%.