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PLARPrior Learning Assessment and Recognition (college/university/employment tool)
PLARPrudential Liquidity Assessment Review (finance)
PLARPrivate Line Automatic Ringdown
PLARParticipatory Learning and Action Research
PLARPrior Learning and Recognition (Canada)
PLARPrzeglad Lotniczy Aviation Revue (Polish: Overview of Airport Aviation Review; monthly magazine; est. 1993)
PLARPost Launch Assessment Review
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An application of PLAR to the development of the aboriginal self: One college's experience.
based on the CTHRB's PLAR policy and using flexible assessment techniques from the United Kingdom (a system in use for over 15 years), CTHRB developed its Validation Process to assess a technology worker's training and experience against the CTS.
The PLAR Training Model was mapped using a Program Logic Model Framework through which inputs, outputs and outcomes could be evaluated (McDavid & Hawthorn, 2006) (see Table 1).
This was informed by symbolic interactionism that embraces multiple voices and perspectives, and phenomenology to collect data, search for patterns, interpret data, seek understanding and evaluate the PLAR Training Model.
Three methods (descriptive, interpretative and theory building) were used to analyse data (Strauss & Corban, 1990, cited in Maykut & Morehouse, 1994), evaluate and refine the PLAR Training Model.
To that end, this article will identify and situate the PLAR portfolio process as a knowledge-building process within the post secondary learning culture.
And while the complex relationship between the concepts of diversity, access, and of facilitating adults' learning through the recognition of their prior learning raises philosophical issues around social and power relationships, the presence of PLAR within postsecondary systems nonetheless provides viable alternative learning opportunities to distance learners.
In 1996, a consortium of seven colleges and an independent PLAR consultant began a study to create a comprehensive database of PLAR learners and their characteristics, identify PLAR activities in participating institutions, analyze the effects of PLAR on students and the institutions, and compare the costs of credits achieved through PLAR with those produced through traditional course delivery.
Maybe" (Lauzon); "Reducing Communicative Distortion in the Cyber-Learning Paradigm" (Petlock); "Mapping the Fault Line: The Rise of Professionalization and the Fall of Social Policy in North American Adult Education" (Quigley); "A Framework for a Cultural Materialist Approach to Adult Learning" (Sawchuk); "Public and Private Relationships for Adult Educators" (Scott); "From Learning to Credential: PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition)" (Spencer et al.
Today, ECDs must become consumer advocates, exem- plars and facilitators of collab- oration, innovators and, yes, integrators - lest they become as irrelevant as the term we've just laid to rest.
In January 2007 IHC EB delivered the PLARS for NSRS, which forms a vital part of this high specification emergency response system.
The Engineering Business, heading for turnover of pounds 16m this year, has been trying to win the PLARS contract almost since the company came into existence 10 years ago.