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PLAVPolish Legion of American Veterans
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These analyses incorporated the sequences for MAGV, CVV, TLAV, PLAV, and FSV determined in this study and additional representative orthobunya virus sequences available in Gen Bank (online Technical Appendix Table 2).
Furthermore, an additional recombination analysis was performed on concatenated (S, M, and L) genome sequences of all CVV, MAGV, PLAV, TLAV, and FSV isolates where full-length sequences were available.
Furthermore, the inclusion of PLAV (75V5758) in this group suggests that, even if human virulence were restricted to this group, the affected region might cover a large portion of Central and South America, including Brazil (strain BeAr7272), Peru (strain OBS6657), and Ecuador (PLAV strain 75V5758).
To obtain sufficient data to provide a reliable framework for analyzing the MAGV isolates in this study, and in light of their recently demonstrated potential as human pathogens, we further conducted full-genome sequence analysis for several CVV strains and for the closely related PLAV and TLAV, and for the human pathogenic FSV, which also has been described to be closely related to CVV (35).
The isolate cross-reacted very closely with CVV, MAGV, and PLAV virus in complement fixation but only with CVV and PLAV by plaque-reduction neutralization test (37).
Furthermore, although both PLAV strains appear to belong to CVV lineage 1, TLAV belongs to CVV lineage 2, as does the CVV donor of the FSV M segment.
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II Congres del Neolitic a la Peninsula Iberica (7-9 d'Abril, 1999), Universitat de Valencia, Saguntum, PLAV Extra-2: 25-30.
Licensors want to expand their markets and ensure their future relevance, and many leaders in the licensing world feel a mandate not only to give more options to TYA producers but also to create stronger platforms from which to champion plavs and musicals for children.