PLBWPercent Less of Body Weight (pediatrics)
PLBWPreterm Low Birth Weight
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37] A randomized control trial from Chile reported that periodontal disease as an independent risk factor for preterm low birth weight and periodontal therapy significantly reduces the rate of PLBW.
Table 1: Summary of literature on association between PD and PTB or PLBW by study design Positive association Author/year OR/RR Country Case--control studies Offenbacher et al.
We have been supporting lifestyle events like PLBW as they fuse together the richness of arts and craft and the modern outlook to life that we as Pakistanis aspire to.
The odds ratios (ORs) and 95 % confidence intervals (CI) were obtained to indicate an association between PTB, LBW and PLBW and the potential risk factors such as maternal periodontitis and stress.
3 %) in the PLBW and 16 (50 %) among women in the control group.
7) These complications contribute to a burden on society due to the increase in health care expenditures, with medical costs being 10 times greater for PLBW infants compared to full-term births.
In fact, one study showed that women who receive periodontal debridement therapy may reduce the risk of PLBW infants by 85 percent.
but this factor was not associated with any of pregnancy outcomes in our study of associations between periodontal disease and PLBW are more moderate than had been thought, than large, well controlled epidemiological studies will be needed to study this issues, and randomized trials of treatment of periodontal disease may be necessary to establish casual relationships.
Poor periodontal health was determined to be an independent risk factor for PLBW in a case-control study of 55 pairs of women (Ann.
Studies in Chile and the United States demonstrated a reduction in the incidence of PLBW among women with periodontitis who underwent scaling and root planing during pregnancy.
Microbiological aspect of periodontal disease and PLBW
Another study by Devenport failed to demonstrate an association between periodontal disease and PLBW deliveries[34].