PLCLPark Lane College Leeds (now Leeds City College; UK)
PLCLPark Lawn Company Limited (Canada)
PLCLProcess Layer Configuration Language
PLCLParker Lewis Can't Lose (TV show)
PLCLPriest Lake Library (Priest Lake, ID)
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It had been raining heavily for one whole month--raining on a camp of thirty thousand men and thousands of camels, elephants, horses, bullocks, and mules all gathered together at a place called Rawal Pindi, to be reviewed by the Viceroy of India.
278], PTX released from the PLCL bilayer nanofibers membrane in a short burst over 24 h, followed by very slow release over the following 60 days.
Therefore a tublar scaffold with mechano-active property was produced from an elastomeric PLCL and ELSP technique.