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PLCMCPublic Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
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PLCMC already had handouts and outlines for computer classes available on the staff intranet.
The students can also come to PLCMC locations to participate in more advanced Scratch workshops.
To share these models with you, Lori Reed, a training specialist at PLCMC, outlines the staff core competencies program that she developed.
My 6 years of experience as an automation support coordinator for PLCMC helped me realize what staff members at all levels needed to know so they didn't feel like they were in over their heads.
The PLCMC Information Technology Core Competencies are set up as building blocks for staff members to provide them with a firm foundation in using computers and technology.
The press release went on to discuss the databases and other resources offered by PLCMC free of charge to all residents of Mecklenburg County.
I serendipitously and accidentally bumped into the PLCMC site, which has this excellent resource on its menu.
brarydog is a member of the family of Web sites developed by the PLCMC.
According to the director of Web services in PLCMC, the original StoryPlace site (http://www.
Young readers at the same library have access to reader's advisory services through the BookHive, PLCMC Reader's Club for Kids.
It was the demise of the library's collection of 16mm films and phonograph records that led to the birth of the Virtual Library, according to Lois Kilkka, PLCMC new technologies manager.
Robert Cannon, PLCMC director, envisioned the space as a showcase for cutting-edge technology in a visually exciting community learning lab setting.