PLCOProstate, Lung, Colorectal, Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial (clinical trial)
PLCOPlant Clearance Officer
PLCOPacific Liaison and Coordination Office (Asian Development Bank; Australia)
PLCOProvincial Laboratory Coordinating Office (Canada)
PLCONational Cancer Institute Prostate, Lung, Colorectal & Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial
PLCOPostoperative Low Cardiac Output (cardiology)
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Oken of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and his colleagues from the PLCO (Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial) Project Team.
In the PLCO trial, the PPV was 4% for CA-125 alone (16 neoplasms in 402 positive screens), 1.
In PLCO, the cumulative incidence rates of lung cancer after 13 years' follow-up were 20.
the PLCO trial with 73 000 men between 55-74 years used annual screening with a PSA decision threshold of 4 [micro]g/L; the ERSPC trial with 162 000 men between 55-69 years applied a PSA cutpoint of 3 [micro]g/L and mean screening interval of 4 years, but using different recruitment and randomization procedures between the participating countries).
A recently published sub-group analysis of PLCO has shown that prostate cancer screening reduced prostate cancer mortality in men with no or minimal comorbidity (adjusted hazard ratio [HR], 0.
The PLCO has now demonstrated that screening with annual chest radiography does not lower lung cancer mortality relative to usual care," he said, posing the question of whether it is possible, then, to infer that screening with low-dose CT, which in the NSLT was associated with a survival advantage compared with chest radiography reduces lung cancer morality relative to usual care.
The design, recently termed the PRoBE approach (for prospective-specimen-collection, retrospective-blinded-evaluation) (6), is being applied to a study of proteomics markers to detect ovarian cancer that uses specimens from the PLCO cohort (13).
Conflicting results from the PLCO and ERSPC trials regarding the impact of screening on disease-specific death rates have fueled debate among urologists, and concern that mixed messages and misleading media reports could cause many patients to dismiss PSA screening as unnecessary.
Participants in the PLCO trial were recruited through 10 regional centers across the United States.
The PLCO trial is the smaller of the two trials, with 34,244 men who underwent a PSA test or DRE randomized to the screening arm.
8 g/ day in the highest-intake group), which the PLCO data suggest may be more protective than other types.
The PLCO is a randomized, controlled, community-based study evaluating the impact of various cancer screening tests upon mortality.