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PLEXPlasma Exchange
PLEXPlanet Extreme (Russian gaming site)
PLEXPlans and Exercises
PLEXProgramming Language for Exchanges
PLEXPlant License Extension (nuclear energy industry)
PLEXProcedure Language Extension
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Qualitative information on market drivers, restraints on the PLEX market and the PLEX process
Gain the most up-to-date information on global PLEX developments
Identify key regions with potential opportunities for growth in the nuclear PLEX market
PLEX Prices predicts that the ultimate effect of the twice-yearly plate change will be greater stability for residual values.
The licence allows the company to market and sell the IgX PLEX Celiac product in Canada.
The Celiac IgX PLEX test kit provides multiplex testing used to aid in the diagnosis of celiac disease through the measurement of four biomarkers including Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase: IgG & IgA and Anti-Gliadin: IgG & IgA.