PLFAPhospholipid Fatty Acid
PLFAPower-Limited Fire Alarm (product)
PLFAPrimary Level Field Activity
PLFAPortable Left Foot Accelerator
PLFAPony Lake Fulvic Acid
PLFAPiecewise-Linear Function Approximation (computational geometry)
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Individual PLFA biomarkers were used to quantify relative abundance of specific microbial groups.
PLFA provides information regarding microbial community composition, biomass and diversity.
Further, when all the treatments except the all-plant removal treatments were considered, PLFA diversity was not significantly correlated with plant species diversity (Shannon-Weiner index), either at the same sampling date (Fig.
Microbial community structure, as revealed by the PLFA pattern, changed linearly along the soil gradient and was modified by earthworm presence and by time [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6A, B OMITTED].
PLFA also does business under the name Pacific Asset Management and manages certain funds under that name.
Nonlinear regressions were conducted to determine the correlation coefficients between microbial PLFA concentrations and initial properties of biochar.
One case in the PLFA results was omitted as an outlier.
Soil samples for PLFA analysis were freeze-dried, sieved (<2 mm) to remove roots, shells, and gravel, and stored at -80[degrees]C until analysis.
A change in the PLFA pattern thus reflects changes in the microbial community and microbial groups (Tunlid and White 1992).
Panda and activity in earthworms that hydrolyses Sahu (2004) acetylcholine in the nervous system; reduced activity indicates toxicity Diversity PLFA and FAME Phospholipid fatty Drenovsky et acid and fatty acid al.
PLFA are components of the cell membranes from living biomass, and some of them are specific to, or dominant, in certain microbial groups, such as Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and fungi (Grayston and Prescott 2005).
All multivariate tests of PLFA and CLPP data were based on Bray--Curtis dissimilarities calculated among observations that were 4th-root transformed.