PLFMPlatforms Wireless International Corporation (trading symbol; Los Angeles, CA)
PLFMProyecto Linguistico Francisco Marroquin (Spanish: Francisco Marroquin Linguistics Project; Guatemala)
PLFMPrivate Line Forecast Model (Sprint)
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Schaefer has launched the development of new, exciting opportunities for our company, and the PLFM management team is fully supporting his efforts.
Acceptable proof of qualified PLFM stock ownership is an actual stock certificate registered in your name; a current (not older than 2 months) broker's statement indicating your PLFM stock ownership position and date of ownership; a current commercial bank depository statement signed by a bank officer, certifying your qualified PLFM stock ownership; original proxy material showing your name and address, and/or any other current official document that reliably certifies your qualified PLFM stock ownership position.
Platforms expects the ARC System demonstration will be attended by officials of international telecommunications companies, investment bankers, PLFM shareholders, members of the international press, and representatives of various related wireless industry market sectors.