PLFMPlatforms Wireless International Corporation (trading symbol; Los Angeles, CA)
PLFMProyecto Linguistico Francisco Marroquin (Spanish: Francisco Marroquin Linguistics Project; Guatemala)
PLFMPrivate Line Forecast Model (Sprint)
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1992 (1a edicion 1990), Introduccion a la linguistica: idiomas mayas, PLFM, Antigua, Guatemala C.
Acceptable proof of qualified PLFM stock ownership is an actual stock certificate registered in your name; a current (not older than 2 months) broker's statement indicating your PLFM stock ownership position and date of ownership; a current commercial bank depository statement signed by a bank officer, certifying your qualified PLFM stock ownership; original proxy material showing your name and address, and/or any other current official document that reliably certifies your qualified PLFM stock ownership position.