PLFPPurchase, Leaseback and Financing Program
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Sa'adat told the lawyer that these new accusations are directed at him, the Legislative Council, and at 81 other members of the PLFP.
Abunnaja from Fatah and Rabah Mahanna from the PLFP as members of the
Meanwhile in Damascus, the capital of Syria, an estimated 5,000 people congregated in the Yusif al-Azmeh square, shouting slogans and cluttering the horizon with the flags of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLFP, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, and Palestine.
If he has the chutzpah (gall) to speak, he should use the opportunity to outlaw terrorist organizations such as the PLFP, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and then take drastic action against them and against those in his own Tanzim and Force 17 who carry out terrorist activities.
He said it would be "unreasonable and unsafe" for the judges to dismiss the possibility that the PLFP were responsible.
As part of the terms of Israeli withdrawal from central Ramallah in 2002 five members of the PLFP had to be imprisoned, among them was Sa'adat.
Speaking to Gulf News, a PLFP official has described the expulsion as the aACAyfirst of its kind' and a aACAynew form of collective punishment' for Palestinians and their leadership.
The PLFP also took the occasion to say it would "continue to struggle until Palestine is liberated from the taint of Zionist occupation," while honoring the "thousands of martyrs and thousands of prisoners who are part of the liberation of our people and their right to return to their homes and their properties.
Because the occupied territory of the West Bank previously belonged to Jordan, a signatory of the GPW, the PLFP could only belong to "a party" if it belonged to Jordan.