PLGRPrecision Lightweight GPS Receiver (US DoD)
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MARS uses the Viper laser range finder coupled with an upgraded GPS PLGR module called the PLGR+96.
Their training consists of such tasks as basic map reading, PLGR (Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver) orientation, crew-served weapon familiarization, and short range marksmanship.
Under the GB-GRAM contract, Rockwell Collins is providing its 12-channel miniature PLGR engine SAASM (MPE-S), a small, lightweight, third-generation GPS receiver.
Not only will DAGR provide the soldier with ready-to-use data in one-sixth the time of PLGR, but it will do it with less than half the battery consumption, in a package less than half the weight and only two-thirds the footprint.
com, GEM IV 12 a-i-v MPE-12 Ch 12 a-i-v MPE-S 12 a-i-v Navstrike 12 a-i-v PLGR II 12 a-i-v Stingray 30 10/ch VPLGR II 12 a-i-v Rojone P/L, 61 Aero Rd.
Waypoint files were downloaded from a personal computer to a Rockwell International PLGR global positioning system (GPS) receiver (PLGR, Type HNV-560C, Rockwell International, Iowa).
Building upon the Company's highly successful Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR), with more than 185,000 units delivered world-wide, the Rockwell Collins DAGR incorporates five times the capabilities and functions of the PLGR while reducing the overall size, weight and power requirements of the receiver.
Project activities comprised PLGR (post lay grapnel run) and route clearance, surface lay, cable burial, the supply and installation of pipeline crossing protection, PLIB (post lay inspection burial), and direct shore ends.
It also features a PLGR GPS receiver, an electronic clinometer, and an eye-safe Class 1 laser rangefinder with a 20 km maximum range.
This program is expected to provide the technology for retrofitting over 75,000 legacy PLGR and potentially over 100,000 new handheld Defense Advanced GPS Receivers.
The GPS receivers, which had not previously tracked satellites, were initialized from a Rockwell Collins hand-held PLGR GPS receiver.
Same solution works for PLGR with the cigarette lighter cable 6150-01-450-9262.