PLITProfessional Liability Insurance Trust
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As pooled insurance organizations, CFNH and NHMA PLIT have enjoyed most county and municipal government coverage; while NHSBIT has been exclusively focused on the special needs of school districts.
NHMA PLIT offers a "one-size-fits-all" rating system.
The NHMA PLIT offers "claimsmade"' coverage, which provides coverage for claims that are made for incidents that occur during the coverage period.
This issue was never more evident during the past year than when the Exeter Area Taxpayers Association (EATA) filed a conflict-of-interest charge with the attorney general against longtime Exeter Town Manager George Olson for his efforts to have the town retain its insurance coverages with the NHMA PLIT.
The NHMA PLIT bid for Exeter totaled $92,867, which was $16,000 higher than the low bid submitted by CFNH at $76,306.
After initially removing himself from the process, Olson, immediate past president of the NHMA and a current member of its executive committee, stepped in and recommended the town stay with the NHMA PLIT.
It's also interesting to note that the NHMA PLIT bid of $92,867 was substantially lower than the $154,781 it had been charging the community for the same coverage a Year before -- a clear sign of the benefit of the competitive nature of the marketplace.
It began as a regional effort--the New England Forest Health Monitoring Program--in the summer of 1990 with the establishment of sampling plits for data collection.