PLLAPoly-L-Lactide Acid
PLLAParticipatory Landscape Lifescape Appraisal
PLLAPriority Learning Local Authority (UK)
PLLAPHP Library for Location Applications
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X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and contact angle measurements were done to characterize the structural properties and morphologies of mineralized PLLA and PLLA/ Col nanofibers.
The authors reported that the PLLA plates and screws guaranteed stable osteosynthesis of zygomatic bone fractures for an adequate period of time and allowed undisturbed healing of the fracture.
In the present study, Genistein was conjugated with biodegradable PLLA and was performed as coating on coronary stent.
Heparin-conjugated PLLA was prepared by direct coupling reaction using DCC/DMAP (dicyclo hexyl carbodiimide/dimethyl amino pyridine) chemistry by maintaining its molar ratio [18].
Thermal stability of PLLA/NA indicated that PLLA/NA only exhibited one decomposition stage as decomposition of PLLA.
Several studies on surface modification of PLLA through gelatin coating declared that the hydrophilicity, mechanical property and cell attachment and differentiation of the scaffold, were considerably augmented after these treatments (11,13,25,29-31).
Micro filaments for sutures are micro extruded biodegradable polymers such as PGA and PLLA that absorb into the body over certain amount after they are implanted and thereby eliminating the need for a secondary surgical procedure.
Los polimeros biodegradables pueden ser de origen natural como los polihidroxi-alcanoatos, los polisacaridos (celulosa, almidon, quitina) o pueden ser sinteticos como el acido polilactico, PLLA, el acido poliglicolico, la policaprolactona, el alcohol polivinilico, entre otros.
Drugs are incorporated into the fiber according to device performance requirements using a combination of commercially available polymer components, including PLLA and PDO.