PLLDPressurized Line Leak Detector
PLLDPortable Lightweight Laser Designator (Elbit Systems, Ltd.)
PLLDPublic Libraries' Learning Disabilities (American Library Association)
PLLDPrincess Louisa Light Dragoons (online role-playing group)
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A systematic review published by Schenk in 2006 concluded that despite the fact that PLLD has been around for almost 20 years, scientific proof of its efficacy still remains relatively poor, though the potential medical and economic benefits of PLLD are too high to justify discarding it as experimental or ineffective on the sole basis of insufficient scientific proof.
Because the treatment principle of PLLD is based on the concept of the intervertebral disk being a closed hydraulic system, only contained herniations can be expected to respond to reduction of intradiscal pressure.
The most frequently described complication of PLLD is spondylodiskitis, both aseptic and septic.