PLLOPresidential Legislative Liaison Office (Philippines)
PLLOPosterior Longitudinal Ligament Ossification (hypothyroidism)
PLLOPhase-Locked-Loop Oscillator
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A typical MLPE PLLO uses [less than] 450 mA of total power supply current.
The heart of the MLPE series PLLOs is a low noise permanent magnet oscillator (PMO).
But as long as we work together, the challenge can be answered adequately,' PLLO Secretary Adelino Sitoy was also quoted in the statement as saying.
But more than just wanting the PLLO to vacate its office at Batasan, Alvarez said he actually thought the time has come to dissolve the office.
Alvarez said he wrote a letter to President Duterte in 2016, urging the chief executive to abolish the PLLO because of redundancy of
The PLLO chief had come under fire after the President vetoed the proposed Centenarian Act offering incentives for the estimated 7,000 centenarians, and the Rights of Internally Displaced Persons Act of 2013 protecting the rights of internal refugees, and last month, the proposed Magna Carta of the Poor.
Mamba said that Enrile indicated early on that he didn't want to see the PLLO chief in the Senate.
Like Drilon, Estrada also pointed out that the "lack of coordination" was aggravated by the feud between the PLLO chief and former Senate President Enrile.
Unlike other past PLLO heads, Estrada said he could not recall Mamba paying a courtesy call to senators.
But more than this, the senator blamed the PLLO for lack of coordination and its failure to participate in committee hearings being conducted by Congress.
PLLO has 40 staff members who work in clusters, and liaise with lawmakers in the Senate and House of Representatives in monitoring the deliberations on 3,000 and 60,000 bills, respectively, at a given time, Mamba explained.
And unless they relay their objections to a bill, the PLLO is at a loss, he said.