PLMIPeriodic Limb Movement Index
PLMIParameterized Linear Matrix Inequality (fuzzy control systems)
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Overall, people with a PLMI greater than 15 experienced significantly more minutes awake; less total sleep time and nonrapid eye movement sleep; less sleep efficiency; and a lower apnea-hypopnea index than did study participants with lower PLMI.
When the researchers controlled for multiple variables, a combination of time spent in bed, older age, and higher PLMI accounted for 44% of the study population's variance in total sleep time.
On the other hand, the analysis found no relationship between PLMI and other sleep variables or participants' age or MMSE scores.
The carefully planned design allows PLMI to realize efficiencies including a nimble supply chain management system, streamlined work flows, and greater improvement opportunity with a modular laboratory layout.
The PLMI, founded by Bland, will be a not-for-profit organization focused on promoting the importance of personalized lifestyle medicine as the safest and most effective approach to the management of early stages of chronic illness.
The PLMI will collaborate with some of the most dedicated and well-regarded thought leaders and decision-makers in lifestyle medicine, each to serve an active role in the development of the organization.