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PLONKPerson Leaving Our Newsgroup (kill filtered)
PLONKPlease Leave Our Newsgroup Kid (slang)
PLONKPerson with Little Or No Knowledge
PLONKPewien Lamer Opuscil Nasza Kompanie (Polish)
PLONKPut Lamer On Kill Filter (USENET)
PLONKPewnie Lepiej Olac Niz Komentowac (Polish)
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Dr Plonk seems to be set at a filmmaking period a little later, when the camera had begun to move a bit without destroying its essential centrality in relation to the action, in which the characters tear wildly around the studio sets in the 1907 segments, or city streets (Adelaide doing service in this respect) and industrial wastelands in the 2008 ones.
His findings are dismissed by skeptical Prime Minister Stalk (Wayne Anthoney), so Plonk builds a time machine to bring evidence back from 2007.
By the end of his life, Lane, also known as Plonk, was almost continually confined to a wheelchair.
If you're busy juggling a job, friends and family, you may struggle to find the time to plonk yourself on the sofa for a whole day and watch the action.
From Veneto in north east Italy, Valpolicella is almost a byword for pale, insipid plonk.
This year's plonk picks once again show that good, affordable wine are in retail shops all over Boston - and we'll find them for you.
All 10,000 bottles of the posh French Chateau Miravel Rose plonk were snapped up for PS18.
PM is going to spare the blushes of the top TV3 star who overindulged in the plentiful free plonk at Galway Races.
ITALIAN wine is now more popular with British drinkers than French and US plonk.
If there is room around Scottie Road to plonk a football stadium, it could have something to do with the fact that the majority of the communities which once lived deep in the inner city, were flung out to the outskirts, courtesy of Liverpool City Corporation, a fact that council chief Bradley would do well to remember, before spouting off about cow sheds and Kirkby.
Over here, dinner guests don't boast loudly: "I've brought the cheapest bottle of plonk I could lay my hands on.
SHORTLY after coming out of detox, a woman stole cheap plonk.