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PLPProgressive Liberal Party (Bahamas)
PLPProgressive Labour Party (various countries)
PLPPyridoxal Phosphate (aminotransferase coenzyme)
PLPProteolipid Protein
PLPProfesseur de Lycée Professionnel (French: Professional High School Teacher)
PLPPeace and Liberation Party (Sierra Leone)
PLPPreformed Line Products (Cleveland, OH)
PLPParliamentary Labour Party (UK)
PLPPersonal Learning Plan (Australia)
PLPPersonalized Learning Plan
PLPPhantom Limb Pain
PLPProgressive Labor Party
PLPPlant Pathology
PLPPhysical Layer Protocol
PLPPipeline Pointer
PLPProgrammable Lookup Processor
PLPPreference Logic Programming
PLPParallel Logic Programming
PLPPipeline Parallelism
PLPProcess Logic Paths
PLPPersonal Laser Printer
PLPPacket Layer Protocol
PLPPacket Loss Probability
PLPPreferred Lenders Program (SBA delegates loan approval, closing, and most servicing to these lenders)
PLPPeople's Liberation Party (gaming)
PLPPersonalized License Plate
PLPParent Linking Program (New Jersey)
PLPPacket Level Protocol
PLPPi Lambda Phi (fraternity)
PLPProduct Line Practice
PLPPresent Levels of Performance (education)
PLPPresentation Level Protocol
PLPPersonal Learning Path
PLPParliamentary Labor Party (Australia)
PLPPeriodate Lysine Paraformaldehyde
PLPPerceptual Linear Predictive (analysis)
PLPPeople's Labor Party (Papua New Guinea)
PLPProduct Line Profitability
PLPPersonal License Password
PLPParking Lot Practice (motorcycle riding program)
PLPProgressive Liberator Party (Guatemala)
PLPPrivate Label Product
PLPPrimary Leadership Programme (UK)
PLPProteolipid Protein, Myelin
PLPPeer Lending Program
PLPProject Lifecycle Process (various companies)
PLPPapers in Laboratory Phonology (Cambridge University; UK)
PLPPremier Lodging Program (US government)
PLPPyrotechnic Lap Pretensioner (seatbelts)
PLPParty Line Protocol
PLPPreserve Life, Limit the Effects, Promote recovery (goals of first responders)
PLPPrivate Label Partners, Inc. (Elmont, NY)
PLPPower Law Process (reliability)
PLPPerformance Level Percentage
PLPPamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Pasay (University of the City of Pasig, Philippines)
PLPPublic Leaning Post
PLPPiridossalfosfato (Italian)
PLPPremium Licensing Program (Citrix)
PLPPreferred Legal Plan (Miami, FL)
PLPPersonal Leaning Post
PLPPattern Learning Parser
PLPPoopy Loopy Pipes (slang for network congestion)
PLPPeople Loving People (Trail, BC, Canada)
PLPPitch Lock Pin
PLPPlatonic Life Partners
PLPPrecision Learning Program (PTC)
PLPPerlpage (Perl-in-HTML embedder)
PLPPre-mobilization Legal Preparation
PLPPower Limits Program
PLPParametric Linear Pulse
PLPPermanent Life Partner
PLPPulse Level Processor
PLPPositive Launch Procedures
PLPPixel-Level Precision
PLPPropagation Loss Profiles
PLPProject Level Productivity
PLPPrivate Leaning Post
PLPProgramming Language Paradigm (computer science)
PLPParkari Literacy Project (Parkari Community Development Programme; Pakistan)
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Under HB 6208 or the proposed Philippine Legislative Police Act, the PLP officers will have the same qualifications, salaries and benefits, retirement age, and equivalent rank as the members of the PNP.
Farinas pointed out the PLP would have nothing to do with police functions concerning the general public.
Next, after students examined Odysseus' relationships to understand how those relationships symbolized his values, student discussed the values illustrated by their relationships and identified their values and shared them in a chart on their PLP Google site.
The PLP gives teachers the opportunity to develop an online portfolio that will carry with them wherever in Wales they teach and is never complete.
On this reason, in our study, use of beet molasses as carbon source of culture medium not only decreased the cost of microorganism cultivation but also bacterial cells gained significant amount of PLP from culture medium, as shown in figure 3, and when used as a biocatalyst in the production medium, exogenous PLP as cofactor of TSase (11) was not required whereas in previous reports exogenous PLP had been needed (1,2,7,10,21-25) and this finding is very important from the economic point of view.
The winner will have to bring together all parts of the party - the PLP, trade unions, members and supporters - to form an effective opposition and get ready for next year's elections.
The therapeutic management of PLP may be divided into three modalities, pharmaceutical, supportive, and surgical.
Women whose plasma PLP levels were among the top 25% of participants were found to have a 30% lower risk of invasive breast cancer in comparison with those whose levels were among the lowest fourth.
According to the author of this study, the PLPs "required students to review the professional standards identified for the course by program faculty and select three of the standards to serve as their PLP learning goals" (p.
The role would see Ms Kennedy oversee the weekly PLP meetings, where backbenchers can question Mr Brown and other ministers - and tell them where they are going wrong.
Adjuvant therapies (mirror box therapy, acupuncture, calcitonin, and N-methyl d-aspartate receptor antagonists) haven't been rigorously investigated for alleviating PLP, but can be considered for patients who have failed other treatments.