PLPCPreformed Line Products Company (also seen as PLP)
PLPCPersonal Lines Processing Center (insurance)
PLPCProvisional Licensed Professional Counselor
PLPCPark Lake Presbyterian Church (Orlando, FL)
PLPCPor Larrañaga Petit Corona (cigars)
PLPCPattern Language of Programs Conference
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Strategy 1 routing PLPC (farthest position, closest position): To implement this routing strategy, the first step is the identification of the storage locations where the packages of coffee are located in order to attend customer orders.
The route designed for order picking strategy with PLPC is shown below:
The implementation of PLPC routing strategy for the preparation of orders, generates a distance to travel 37.
Once that the strategies of PLPC and taboo met heuristic to solve the TSP routing problem for picking are implemented, a comparison of efficiency indicator is made for both compared strategies that are performed (see Table 7).
Analysis indicators, identifies that the routing strategy picking with taboo search, is more efficient than the PLPC strategy, since a 44% in the distance, time and cost is obtained, which, evidence a contribution to increasing the efficiency and productivity of order picking in the warehouse of finished products of the trading coffee company.
From the implementation of taboo search meta heuristic to solve the TSP routing problem of picking the coffee at the trading company in southwestern Antioquia, it is clear that this offers the greatest efficiency more than PLPC strategy (Farther position closer position) of routing, because the distance is reduced by 44% (16.