PLPRPrivacy Law and Policy Reporter (Australia)
PLPRPrimary Literacy Programme-Reading (Hong Kong)
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The PLPR was developed aiming to be a tool that would permit the reaching of an individual's subjectivity and that would favor a more functional perspective of health and health related problems noted by patients (14).
The PLPR also provides a final score that is calculated based on a simple formula and weightings that are attributed to every one of the domains depending on the number of codes that each domain has.
The outcomes that were hoped for after the application and interpretation of the PLPR were: an understanding of the principal demands of the patients, professionals more adept to start and coordinate health care, and a place for rehabilitation that was available in the public network to start treatment.
Two distinct groups can be characterized from the PLPR results: those whose referrals for the start of treatment was to primary health care centers and those in which specialist service units were chosen as the most adequate place to start treatment.
We hope that the PLPR can be dispersed as important information in this area and can be adopted by public rehabilitation network.
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