PLQParti Liberal du Quebec (Canada)
PLQPermanent Living Quarters (various organizations)
PLQPrimary Leadership Qualification (Canada)
PLQPalanga, Lithuania - Palanga (Airport Code)
PLQPersonal Living Quarters (housing)
PLQPilot Lot Qualification (manufacturing)
PLQProbabilistic Longest Queue
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De son cote, Omar El Behi, secretaire d'Etat aupres du ministre de l'agriculture et des ressources hydrauliques, charge de la production agricole a affirme qu'il est temps de mettre en place une nouvelle strategie pour le secteur laitier, par la mise en place d'un systeme de PLQ.
Sur le spectre politique, la defunte ADQ representait la droite, mais sa remplacante, la CAQ, rejoint plutot le PLQ et le PQ au centre, tandis que QS se situe clairement a gauche.
11 - Columbia Empire Volleyball Association 16's PLQ Tournament, 160 participants, Regional Sports Center, various hotels.
Such as his solution of attributing 60% of the nondisclosers to the PLQ, 30% to the PQ and 10% to other parties, as mentioned before.
Les deputes du PLQ et les municipalites refractaires denoncent l'article 9 du projet de loi 170 qui permet au conseil des ministres de modifier par decret les articles de la loi sans le preavis de l'Assemblee nationale.
Neither of the main provincial actors -- the PLQ or the PQ -- have been prepared to play a renewed federalism game since the experiments in the 1980s of Rene Levesque with his "beau risque" and Robert Bourassa with his Meech/Charlottetown agreements.
Through the nationalization of hydro-electric utilities and the creation of crown corporations, the PLQ sought both to expand the influence of the government in the economy and to increase the presence of French Canadians in the upper levels of that economy.
Arguing that the boards had been stripped of their raison d'etre, the PLQ proposed to abolish them and entrust the coordination of services to the management of local health-care institutions.
This is exemplified by a recent challenging and perceptive article in PLQ entitled 'Libraries as civic agents' by Taylor Willingham, a public engagement and change management consultant who teaches change management for the library school at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
And it would be perilous were it espoused solely by the PLQ.
What will the PLQ do if the Bloc goes down to crushing defeat, as it is widely believed it will, and Paul Martin's government rakes in a big majority of Quebec's federal seats?
The buildings to be realized are the "B" and "C" of the PLQ with HLM and HBM LUP housing units, for the Lancy Municipal Real Estate Foundation, and a share of the property with EPP housing for the Forum de ventes et Of real estate promotions SA, as well as an underground car park and the common external facilities.