PLSAProbabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis
PLSAParallel Linear Space Alignment
PLSAPensions and Lifetime Savings Association (UK)
PLSAProperty Loan Stock Association (South Africa)
PLSAPhase-Locked Spectral Analysis (neurology)
PLSAProliant Summer Academy (HP event in Austria)
PLSAProfessional Loan Signing Agent
PLSAposterolateral segment artery
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i]; we apply pLSA and LDA models to the matrix A to generate relationships between the extracted words and latent concepts contained in the unstructured collection of texts (students' comments).
Using the 2014 PPA statistics where volume in Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit or TEUs-inbound and outbound Manila-was 1,043,705 with PLSA having 86 percent share on total volume carried at the North Harbor, PLSA executive director Rona Gatdula said the impact of the increase in freight tariff would translate to an additional annual stevedoring cost of P118.
As for PREF, [27] was adapted from PLSA and [28] employed the KNN technique of CF, both of which utilized the pairwise ranking method.
Female nematodes bioassay: PLA, PLEJ1, PLEJ2, PLEK1, PLEK2, PLEK3, PLEK4, PL1A, PLB, PLSA and PLM were preliminary screened for their efficacies in colonizing female nematodes.
This method significantly increases the accuracy of the process, which can be as high as 90%, according to Linear Prediction Models with Graph Regularization for Webpage Categorization and Topic-bridged PLSA for Cross-Domain Text Classification.
Other paper topics include writer verification of Arabic handwriting, feature extraction for document image segmentation by pLSA model, segmentation of curled textlines using Active Contours, and efficient binarization of historical and degraded document images.
Ashok Gupta, chairman of a PLSA taskforce, warned that without change there was a "real possibility" of more high profile company failures.
25] used spatiotemporal features along with a hierarchical pLSA to learn global behavior correlations.
Andrien holds memberships of a number of accounting and pension associations, comprising the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Institute of Leadership and Management, the PLSA Local Authority Committee, and the Institutional Investors Pension Fund Advisory Board.
Graph model-based methods include Bayesian network [6, 7], PLSA (Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis) [8, 9], and LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) [10].
This section evaluates the NMF, PLSA and SVD dimensionality reduction techniques in measuring the semantic flow of a text.