PLTIParent Leadership Training Institute (Connecticut)
PLTIPennsylvania Land Title Institute (King of Prussia, PA)
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The PLTI normal to the planes of weakness for oil shale varied from 0.
According to Hoek, shales are classified as medium strong to strong rocks with a PLTI of 1-4 MPa and UCS 25-100 MPa [29].
The average PLTI parallel and normal to the planes of weakness for different rock layers are presented in Figures 6 and 7.
6 and 7) that the average PLTI of samples depends on the location of a drill hole and depth of layers in the oil shale deposit.
The conversion factor between UCS and PLTI (Factor 1 and Factor 2) was determined for oil shale and dolostone layers by using different methods.
This factor can be used to calculate UCS when PLTI normal to the planes of weakness is known.
As drill holes are different, it is recommended to use Factor 1 when PLTI in another drill hole is known.