PLTSPhysical Layer Test System (Agilent Technologies; Santa Clara, CA)
PLTSPersonal, Learning and Thinking Skills
PLTSPacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (Berkeley, CA)
PLTSProduction Line Tool Set
PLTSPrecision Laser Tracking System (US NASA)
PLTSPosition Location Test System (Spirent Communications)
PLTSParts Life Tracking System
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The president said that PLTS was the best solution to overcome the problem of the electricity crisis that is occurring in Indonesia.
The price includes the cost of interconnection from PLTS to PLN networks.
We decided to focus on one PLTS in particular: being a reflective learner.
With Defense Solution, our users can achieve significant time savings wh en performing large-scale database production and maintenance projects that meet military specifications," said Daryl Smith, PLTS for ArcGIS product manager, ESRI.
Golden State attended the PLTS last year, and, says Lindsay, "were very pleased.
She came to be the president of PLTS with a clear and accessible vision: Abundant.
A custom API wrapper is interfaced to PLTS software to offer complete domain analysis with a production test interface.
Now I find myself amid the kind of connecting that characterized much of her leadership here at PLTS.
Built upon the expertise gained from Spirent's PLTS, launched into the CDMA market in 2001, the 8100 Location Technology Solution was the first commercially-available A-GPS test system for UMTS and now for LTE.
This proprietary multi-touch solution revolutionizes interactivity for narrow pixel pitch LED video walls without the disadvantages of front glassoffering a seamless, smooth, lightweight and durable LED touch surface that delivers superior visual performance enabled by the patent-pending Leyard PLTS (Pliable LED Touch Surface) technology.
PLTS that supports the flexible PXIe chassis form factor with VNA modules for multichannel analysis of high-speed digital interconnect; and
14) Our late PLTS president, Timothy Lull, was always fond of saying that "the world sets the theological agenda.