PLTWProject Lead the Way
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And by pushing themselves to rework and refine their projects, the students of PLTW Engineering learn that failure as well as perseverance are key to learning and innovation.
Another company, Rockwell Automation, provides funding for several PLTW schools in Milwaukee and Cleveland, as well as mentors for classrooms.
The Department of Workforce Development has played a valuable part in the development of the PLTW program through its funding.
PLTW was awarded $2 million to support approximately 115 K-12 schools throughout the United States.
In addition, UCM offers university credit for teacherspursuing PLTW or EbD certifications in their home state, oftentimes at reduced tuition rates that may be applied toward a graduate degree.
The association is encouraging its members to become focal points for introducing and promoting PLTW to their local school districts across the nation and to become personally engaged as mentors and advocates.
For example, PLTW faculty at Staley High School in Missouri's North Kansas City School District are developing a stand-alone robotics course while delivering their robotics content through the PLTW Principles of Engineering course.
Hughes College of Engineering is one of more than 8,000 schools in 50 states to host PLTW programs.
Global electronic components distributor Digi-Key Electronics, the industry leader in electronic component selection, availability and delivery, and PLTW (Project Lead the Way), an industry leading provider of STEM programs to K-12 students throughout North America, today announced their partnership to provide electronic components in support of courses through the PLTW network of schools.